PM wants more accountability

Jul 30 2019 Published by under 苏州半永久

Mr Rudd has admitted he failed to live up to one of his pre-election promises to release his ministerial code of conduct before polling day, but said this would happen after tomorrow's cabinet meeting.


The code was important to restoring the Westminster system that relied on ministerial accountability, something which was lacking during the Howard years, he said.

“It's just a complex document and and you're right, I did say that before the election and I don't hide from the fact it's taken a little bit longer than I thought,” Mr Rudd told Southern Cross radio today.

He said Labor's parliamentary standards “absolutely” would be higher than the Howard government's.

Mr Rudd said he could not understand “through the $300 million

`Wheat for Weapons' scandal that, whereby Australia became the largest source of illicit foreign funding to Saddam Hussein's regime, that no minister, no minister was held accountable or responsible for that gross failure.”

He said advice was being prepared on whether his government would pursue the AWB Iraq wheat scandal and why former foreign minister Alexander Downer or trade minister Mark Vaile were not stood down.

“Ministerial accountability means precisely that, they should be responsible to the parliament for their actions. They're responsible for the operation of their department as well,” he said.

Mr Rudd said he was determined to have good, sound principles of public administration.

“The first meeting of full ministry within hours of being sworn in, we went through some of these basic principles,” he said.

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