Commissioner Lay takes aim at ‘sexually insecure’ Julien Blanc

Jan 31 2019 Published by under 深圳桑拿网

Victoria’s Police Commissioner Ken Lay has launched a scathing attack on pickup artist Julien Blanc and his followers, labelling them as sexually insecure during an address on family violence.


Commissioner Lay condemned American “pickup artist” Julien Blanc during an address on family violence, stressing that “attitudes and violence are related” when it comes to gender relations.

Speaking at a White Ribbon Day event at Parliament House on Monday, he drew on similarities between Blanc’s behaviour and family violence.

“Blanc’s strategies for attracting women are eerily similar to diagnostic charts for family violence,” he said.

“The attitude of some men is that women are property. So now, let me address those particular men. If you think manipulating women is clever, you’re wrong. And if you think shoving a woman’s face into your crotch is power, you are wrong.

“Not only are you demeaning women, you’re demeaning yourselves.”

Blanc was recently in Australia, but had his visa revoked on departure. Britain denied him a visa shortly after.

Commissioner Lay also derided the poplar book, titled The Game, saying it was “written by a self-conscious fool”.

“There are men who were once sexually insecure who now make money from guys who still are, by telling them to choke, restrain and abuse women into sexual submission,” he said.

“At least, that’s how it looks to me.”

Commissioner Lay and his fellow commissioners gathered with politicians on the eve of White Ribbon Day, being marked nationwide on Tuesday.

New Zealand Police Commissioner Mike Bush also attended.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott addressed those gathered at Parliament House, encouraging victims to come forward.

“I just want to say to any woman in our country who is feeling vulnerable, who is feeling frightened, please do not suffer in silence,” he said.

“Please, make contact… You should not suffer in silence. Know from today’s event, you are never alone. All of us are here to help.

“It should never happen and our job is to make sure it stops.”

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